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We know that a lot of members don’t fully understand some of the games and rules on the GoneGambling site. As a result of that, we have put this page together to specifically address this problem.


Now you can have the answers to your questions in almost an instant! We have seasoned GoneGambling members from around the world waiting to answer your questions. Let these seasoned members take you by the hand and lead you through the games and explain the terms and conditions to you. No question about the site is too big or too small. We want you to get the most out of the GoneGambling site and this is the best way we can think of to help you.


Do you have a question for our Support Members?

Email your questions about the site to ALL of the following members. You’ll receive several responses that will fully answer your questions in different ways. You’re sure to understand what a few of the answers mean.


Beckygool – Bigdawg5867 – Blondie36 – Brensommer – Cooky214 – Foolchild – Kidray – Kmartin – Krystalkitty – Ksl418 – SDS – Siouxzee – Veebot.


Email everyone in the above list.


Specific Site and Casino Problems

Our support members can tell you all you need to know about the games at GoneGambling and how to best navigate the site and post in the Forums etc. However, they can’t answer questions about specific site problems you’re having or about problems you may be having with a casino. You should send emails about specific problems to Slot Gacor GoneGambling as you normally would.


Your Gambling Dollars

The GoneGambling site is designed to make your gambling dollars go much further than you ever believed possible. All you need to do is deposit and play with our sponsoring casinos and then come back to the GoneGambling site to play for GG Point Conversions and Bonus Deposits for the rest of the month! It really doesn’t get any easier than this!


New Members Please Read the Following

Following is a letter that one of our support members sent to a new member who was completely lost on the site. If you read the letter all the way through you will have a far better understanding of how to play the games at GoneGambling.


Cash Salad Slot – When you first sign in to play, it will tell you what your point total was the last time you took a spin, and what your total is at the present time. Sometimes the amount is higher and sometimes it is lower – depending on whether you have won more points since you played, or lost points.


Boom or Bust / Taxes / Insurance – Being taxed is a dreadful thing! :o) When playing Boom or Bust you can win great prizes; lots of GG Points, bonus deposits, onion bets, and GetLucky plays – just to name a few, but you can also be taxed or bankrupted. If you are bankrupted you lose all of your points, including what you have in your bank. If you are taxed, the amount of the tax is deducted from your GG Points total, and if you don’t have enough points to cover your tax, GAIA will put you in the negative. At that point you either have to draw from your bank, if you have points there, or you just have to play Boom or Bust every 30 minutes and the GG Cup Horse Races every 15 minutes to try to build your points total back to the positive to allow you to play the other games.


Until recently, there was no bank and there was no way to protect yourself against taxes or bankrupts. However, you now have the option to take out insurance when you play Boom or Bust. There is a drop-down box next to the Boom or Bust button that says Yes or No. If you decide to take out insurance, each time you play it will cost you 5 GG Points. You can take out insurance even if you are at 0 or below, but it will put you into the negative. It is entirely your choice whether or not to take it – it will not affect the outcome of your Boom or Bust results – other than to protect you if you get a tax or bankrupt.


In order for your points to go into your bank when you reach 2,000, you must have the “HOLD” option chosen in the Members Only Area. To check what you have set as your preference, log into the Members Only Area and scroll down close to the bottom. There should be a check mark in the box next to “HOLD”. If you have it set to convert to a casino, all of your points will go toward a conversion – up to 2,500 GG Points ($25). After 2,500, any remaining points will then be added to your bank. Make sure that you have deposited and played $50 of your own money in the past 30 days if you are wanting to convert your points to a casino account. If you chose a casino where you have not deposited, the conversion will not be valid and you will not get your points back. You also have to make sure that you have entered and SAVED a VALID casino account number in the appropriate box.


The Bank – If you have points in the bank and your GG Points total goes below 100, the bank will automatically add 50 points to your total. The bank will automatically do this EACH TIME you go below 100 … AND… the bank charges you 5 GG Points each time you make a withdrawal, whether it is automatic or you fill out the withdrawal form.


You are only able to make ONE withdraw on your account in a 24-hour period, and the maximum withdrawal that you can make is 501 GG Points. I made the mistake, my first time around, of thinking I could make as many withdrawals as I wanted as long as it didn’t go over 501 GG Points. My first withdrawal was for 1 GG Point so I could convert, then I was not able to withdraw anything manually until the next day. The bank still gave me points in 50 GG Point increments until I ran out of points, but I would have rather taken more out at once. Learn from my mistake! :o)


Crazy Deals / GetLucky Vouchers – As far as your 1,500 GG Point GetLucky win, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that it was a “Crazy Deals” GetLucky play that gave you that prize. I don’t have the ability to look at your account, but since we all just received one of those I’m going to go with that scenario and if I’m wrong, let me know and we’ll look into it further.


The “Crazy Deal” GetLucky play is something we get every now and then when John (John runs the GoneGambling site.) is feeling especially generous. The prize you receive on this is conditional – you have to fulfil the Crazy Deal requirements and send proof to John to receive the win. When you play the voucher, you should receive an email shortly after explaining what the Crazy Deal is and what you have to do to receive the prize. This week you were required to deposit and play $30 in any GG sponsored casino where you did NOT already have an account. The account had to be NEW and opened from the GG sponsor page. After you opened a new account through GoneGambling, deposited your money and started playing, you were then required to send proof of deposit to the email address listed in the email and John would give you your prize. In your case it would be 1,500 GG Points ($15 value).


Gaining GG Points – As far as not having any points right now, I’ll give you a few pointers for the best way to build points.


  1. Play Boom or Bust every 30 minutes. Remember, it is your choice whether or not to take insurance – it costs 5 GG Points, but sometimes if you don’t take it, it ends up costing you even more. On the other hand, if you don’t have many points, or are in the negative, if you don’t win anything on Boom or Bust you are still charged the 5 points and you can end up even further in the hole. Boom or Bust is also known as BOB by most members. Sometimes John will go mad and have a 1 or 2 minute Boom or Bust game. This means you can play the game every 1 or 2 minutes for as long as he allows it. He always posts in the Forum to let everyone know just before he has a 1 or 2 minute game.


  1. Play the GG Cup Horse Race every 15 minutes. You automatically get 3 GG Points just for playing, but if you get the 1st place horse correct you win 100 GG Points, 1st and 2nd correct you win 1,000 GG Points and a $100 Mapau account (if you don’t already have an account with them) and if you get the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place correct (extremely difficult – but not impossible) you win 1,500 GG Points and a $250 Slotland account. (Again, only if you do not already have an account with them.) If you get the 1st-4th correct, or more, you start winning CASH! Just look at the GG Cup page for details!


  1. Play all of your GG Free-Lotto tickets each week. Every time you enter your ticket you will get to play a Pop-Up Onion game that could win you GetLucky plays. There isn’t a daily limit to how many GetLucky plays you can win in conjunction with the Free-Lotto.


  1. Play the “off-site” Pop-Up Onion games every day. You are allowed 2 wins in a 24-hour period. Sometimes you win big from the GetLucky vouchers, and sometimes you don’t win anything – but you can’t win if you don’t play! You can look at my site and you will find a lot of Pop-Up Onion games (also known as “dice games” because there used to be dice on the game instead of onions).


  1. Enter the Daily Competition EVERY DAY! You just might win (Feature GetLucky Plays) but even if you don’t win, you get 25 GG Points each day just for entering!


All of these games can be found by clicking on the “GAMES” button on the left side of any GoneGambling web page.


You might also find it helpful to look at the site I built for new members. It explains what casino accounts you can win if you don’t have an account and which ones you can win if you do have an account – and what the requirements are. My site is not endorsed by GoneGambling, it was just something I put together myself. I believe all of the information is accurate, but the GoneGambling site is the last word. You also still need to read all of the rules, and the terms and conditions on the GoneGambling site. My site just gives you an overview to better understand what you can win and where.


I hope this information has helped. If you still have more questions, please email one of the support members from the links above and they will be glad to help! I hope you come to love GoneGambling as much as I do! Again, please let me know if I can help you further! – Brensommer


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