For those of you who do not know me, I have written a column called Poker 101 for three years in a popular published poker magazine. With everyone going online for all of their information these days, it seemed like a good time to join the crowd and go the way of the cyberworld. This column began with the nuts and bolts of how to play poker. We covered everything from the rules of the games, the jargon, the behavior and etiquette, to some strategy. I have addressed many questions and comments in the column and plan to continue down that same road.

With the introduction of the Pokerpage’s PokerSchool Sbobet Online, there is no need for me to start this column over again. After all, it took about 75 columns and 65,000 words to get this far! So, for you true beginners and those of you wanting poker instruction, please see all of the information on the homepage about the school. Here, we will talk about many things related to poker from my perspective as well as yours.

Here is a little bit about me so that you can decide if you want to read my articles; certainly every column is not for everyone. I am originally from Seattle, Washington, but I currently reside in Las Vegas and have lived there since 1977. I am a graduate of UNLV with a degree in business management. It will be obvious that my degree is not in English or writing! 1977 is when I first became involved in the poker industry. I was very young at the time! I have worked in all areas of the cardroom, beginning as a dealer when I was merely 12 years old. (Hey, a girl has to protect her age, right?)

I have dealt many of the major tournaments as well as played in them. I have played poker for more than 25 years and am currently playing on a semi-professional basis. In other words, I make a portion of my income from playing the game and no, I am not in fear of the IRS reading this as I do pay my taxes and am proud to do so as an American.

I am a partner in Card Player Cruises (please see our website at for information on that aspect of my life). In addition to running that cardroom and directing tournaments, I work closely with our customers in assuring that they enjoy their cruise experience with us…but I digress.

The point being, I have been involved in poker from both sides of the table for many years. Likely, I have spent more hours in a cardroom than most of you ever will. I do not know that that is necessarily a good thing, but it is a fact. I feel that I am fairly well qualified to give you some perspective on what is going on in the poker world as well as answer your poker related questions. I am happy to answer questions of a general nature in my column and invite you readers to send me ideas for topics that you would like to see covered. I am also happy to answer privately via email any specific questions that may not be of a general interest.

I hope that you will enjoy this column. I have many ideas for columns and hope that you who are new to my column will enjoy my “not so stuffy” writing style. I like to have a good time in life, and I want my column to be fun and easy to read. My sense of humor is “out there” some times, but that is the real me. I hope that you will enjoy getting to know me as I hope to get to know you.




ST JOHNS, ANTIGUA -April 23 – While some online casinos make various claims of being the biggest, the oldest, the best, one thing doesn’t lie, and that’s the numbers. Only one online casino can truly have the best payout percentages, and that’s Omni Casino™ & Sportsbook.

Omni Casino’s payout percentages are reviewed by PricewaterhouseCoopers and they have been awarded “best payout percentages” for the month of February 2002, by and have been the highest of all rated online casinos, three of the first four months of this year.

You don’t have to search long to find out the reason why. It’s the highest progressive jackpots that make it possible. Just ask the latest player in the long list of Omni Casino’s big winners, long time player “PLUMB”, who hit a jackpot that paid him $146,193.57 on Tuesday evening. “I felt really lucky all day while I was playing at Omni, but I didn’t realize how lucky I was until I saw 5 spades, Ace through ten, I just thought to myself, ‘I hope the dealer qualifies.'” He would still win the progressive jackpot, even if the dealer didn’t qualify.

Just a few days earlier, player “Durango” won over $18,000.00 on the Single Player Let- it- Ride Poker Table. On Valentine’s Day, a long time player “mark” hit a Royal Straight Flush on Multi-Player Spice Island Poker and won over $140,000.00.

It doesn’t look like Omni Casino™ is ready to slow down in the huge jackpot department either, the progressive jackpot has already been reset to $100,000.00, and is waiting to be hit once more.

Omni Casino™ & Sportsbook is a leading provider of online UFABET casino gambling. The company is licensed by the government of Antigua and Barbuda and was formed in 1997. Omni Casino™ & Sportsbook is committed to providing customers with the most exciting and rewarding gaming experience on the net. Handling over a quarter of a billion dollars in wagers per year, Omni Casino™ & Sportsbook prides itself on excellent customer service, and exceeding the expectations of all levels of players. For additional information on Omni Casino™ & Sportsbook, please visit their Web site at

Internet Casino Gambling -The Player’s Money Machine

“Sometimes a machine is hot, red hot. And that’s when you make the majority of your winnings. Games on the internet are the same, when they’re hot, they’re hot. And that’s they only way to explain it…”

At least that is how internet gaming analyst Will Valentine explains the phenomenal $400,000 in combined mega-jackpots won by InterCasino ( players this past week.

The “hot streak” began with “Billie”, who won a sizable $102,263 last Thursday playing on the wildly popular Rags to Riches slot machine. Over the past months this machine constantly proved itself as the net’s one armed Santa Claus rather than a one-armed bandit.

Later in the same week “Barb”, the newly crowned online video-poker queen, proved her wit and poker guile when she beat the Spice Island Progressive Poker machine twice in one day for a combined win of $192,000. “That was one super Sunday for Barb. She got a $100 bonus from me in the morning and then rolled that into $192,000 by the end of the day.” Tells magnanimous InterCasino manager Ryan Hartley. He continues, “Barb is now one of the most successful female poker players on the internet.”

Two days after Barb’s $192,000 Sunday, player “mgpg33” hit a $118,596 progressive jackpot on the same steaming hot Rags To Riches slot machine that paid “Billie” her $102,263 just four days prior. Between Billie and mpgp33’s jackpots, Rags to Riches has paid out over $220,000 in progressive wins within one week, making InterCasino’s Rags to Riches the hottest slot on the Internet.

So what does a pros make of all this? Will Valentine explains… “The Rags to Riches game is definitely on a streak. Anytime a slot pays out over $100,000 on more than one occasion within a short period of time -its on a roll. If you throw Barb’s video poker win into the equation, then it starts to look like it may be the InterCasino server itself that’s on the roll. That being the case, players could expect to see jackpots springing up from all over the casino. In the next few weeks players may see strong winning patterns developing like repeat sequential chances at video-slot bonus levels and additional progressive slot and poker payouts.”


ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล

I am going to discuss the difference in playing at a short-handed game (4-6 players) and your best approach to these games. There will be many times that you will find a game that can be profitable, but you find that your style of play probably won’t get you the chips as it would in a full-handed table. There are many factors that work against you in a short-handed game that one needs to conquer to be a winning player.

Blinds – The blinds are coming around faster than in a full game, but you’re still getting the same frequency of playable hands so it’s costing you more money to see your hands.

Rake/Tipping/Jackpot Drop – I’m mainly talking about short-handed games with 4-6 players (note: I will not be talking about games that are heads-up or with 2 opponents). Depending on the club or casino you play in, most of them will reduce the rake when a game becomes short-handed. But that is still money that is gone — which is more important the lower the limit you are playing.

For example: You’re playing $3-6 Hold-Em that is short-handed and a guy puts in $200 total over the course of 2 hours and loses it all. Let’s say the rake is $2 when it gets down to 6 people and the table is seeing 25 hands per hour or more. The rake is $100 (25 hands x $2 rake x 2 hours = $100, assuming there was a flop with maximum rake) for those two hours. Half of the money that guy put in now belongs to the house.

There’s not much you can do to get around this, except for maybe ask the dealer or floor for a rake break. You might get lucky.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against tipping. But when a ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล game is short-handed the pots tend to be smaller, but most people tip the same. That is money gone as well. If the pots are really small, consider tipping every other pot you win.

For those of you unfortunate enough to have a Jackpot going where you play (can you tell I’m against Jackpots?), there is nothing you can do to get around this. All I can say is that’s just one more thing going against you, unless your table hits the Jackpot of course.

To get around these 3 factors, the higher the limit you play the less they go against you.

Opponents – What you might find in certain cases is that players in short-handed games are actually in fact relatively good. I’m not saying all of the players you find are good, but you will discover that these games do on average consist of a greater percentage of better players. Short-handed games for the most part were once full, and the most common reason they became short-handed is that most of the poor players ran out of money. This is usually found more often later at night.

Now that we’ve gotten the dirt out of the way, let’s talk about how we are going to increase your stack.

If you play a tight/aggressive game when the table is full and it becomes shorthanded, your table image as a tight player works very well in your favor. Some players are not aware that when a game becomes shorthanded, they need to confront the game in a different manner. The players I believe you should want in your game are weak or loose players or tight/passive players. You want players who will call you down when they know they are beat or players who will muck when they think they’re beat.

You have to be able to recognize the difference between these types of players. If you’re in a hand against a loose player, be prepared to show down your hand. If you’re up against a tight/passive player, you don’t necessarily have to have him beat to take the pot. A lot of these types of players will muck the winning hand if you check-raise on the turn, or even on the flop.

Bluffing like I mentioned in the paragraph above is key to winning in a shorthanded game. If you’ve set up your image as a tight player and can shift gears easily, you can increase your winnings greatly. Players will catch on to this if you do it too much. However, I think you can get away with many more bluffs in a shorthanded game if you’ve set up your image as being tight.

The blinds, like I mentioned earlier, are very important. You don’t want to give up your blinds to a raise as easily, because that money could be the difference between a winning and a losing session. If in your blinds you are confronted with a raise and you find yourself sitting with a mediocre hand or better, go ahead and re-raise. This re-raise is meant to make the raiser think twice next time he holds a good hand and reaches for two bets. This works better if you can take down pots when you’ve re-raised. The point being, you are trying to set up for the future that you’re blinds don’t get raised.

Starting Hands – You still need to have a tight/aggressive style of play, but you need to drop some hands from your starting list and add others. Drawing hands like 89s go way down in value, because you’re not getting the odds to play them correctly. However, I think hands like Ace-x go up in value and can be played more frequently. I’m not going to list a chart for starting hands, as it depends on what type of game you’re playing in and what kind of players you are up against. You should be able to determine this on your own.

If you enter a pot and see the flop and you’ve got the best hand or you think you might be able to buy the pot, bet or raise. Calling in short-handed games just doesn’t work because you don’t get that extra percentage that you might take the pot if you raise.

I’m not saying don’t call anything. If everybody entered the pot and you hit a four flush on the flop, and if another one of your suits falls, you have the nut flush and you raise on the flop, but get bet into on the turn, calling is ideal. You’re costing yourself more money if your card doesn’t fall.

Just be more aggressive and aware of your opponents and how they will react to your actions and you’ll come out a winner. Good luck.…

Situs Judi Online

World Gaming – World Gaming plc, a global pioneer in I-gaming technologies, today announced the signing of a software licensing agreement with Sona Innovations Inc., a leading North American provider of secure mobile solutions, that will see the introduction of wireless applications for its most popular games, blackjack, slots and sportsbook, before the end of the year.

Under the three-year agreement with Sona, World Gaming will be deploying three games on Microsoft’s Pocket PC – expected delivery November 2001 – and Palm OS(R) – expected delivery December 2001 – built on the Sona Wireless Platform(TM).

Microsoft’s Pocket PC and Palm OS devices were chosen for World Gaming’s first wireless software suite, due to screen size and capabilities, input method, power management, network bandwidth, device memory, graphics and processor power.

“The wireless market is growing exponentially and it represents a very real opportunity for World Gaming to expand its global presence – particularly in Europe and Asia where wireless gaming is more advanced,” said Michael Aymong, CEO of World Gaming. “Wireless is an exciting new opportunity for World Gaming – enlarging our total available market and increasing revenue streams for our existing products and services.”

World Gaming selected its most popular offerings – blackjack, slot machine, and sportsbook betting for the initial wireless suite, with plans to expand in the future. The new products will tap into the users of online casinos and sports betting, which dominate up to 73 percent of the online gaming market.

A recent Datamonitor report projects that revenues from the total mobile Situs Judi Online gaming markets in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific will grow from an estimated $950 million in 2001 to $17.5 billion in 2006. The international research firm also reports that Asia Pacific is currently the wireless gaming capital of the world, with 60 million gamers.

In Europe, 41 million currently play games on their mobile phones or PDAs, compared to 22 million in the US. By 2006, Europe will have over 150 million wireless gamers, while in the US, the number will grow to 124 million.

“Data is typically encrypted then decrypted, which has inherent security risks,” said Jeff Halloran, president and CEO of Sona Innovations. “The robust architecture of Sona’s technology is very unique, as it does not use public gateway servers and it rapidly deploys an animated presentation layer unlike any other wireless service. “Sona’s client software establishes a secure session on the Pocket PC or Palm operating platform and communicates directly with World Gaming’s servers. Through our unique end-to-end secure approach to deploying applications on handheld devices, we are able to deliver to World Gaming a wireless solution that provides the level of presentation, performance and protection the World Gaming community has come to expect. Being network carrier agnostic, Sona Innovation’s one of a kind solution becomes an immediate global platform to support World Gaming’s secure growth.”

World Gaming evaluated several vendors before choosing Sona Innovations. Sona was selected based upon the following criteria: a strong commitment to continued diligent support of World Gaming products and services, synergies of respective business models, number of wireless devices supported, ease of implementation, and security.

“Our new wireless suite of products is a plug-in solution, requiring no back-end integration, that leverages and extends existing World Gaming technologies, products and services,” said David Pasieka, COO of World Gaming. “Wireless technology is still in its infancy and continuously evolving. Standards, protocols, network and client device issues require significant and dedicated development resources. “Sona Innovations’ experience successfully delivering bullet-proof applications for the banking and brokerage industries has made the company the ideal supplier for World Gaming and has addressed our concerns over security.…

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The current film exposure model is under incredible pressure. Although the rise in ticket prices often masks a steady decline in the number of viewers, very small experiments have emerged to fundamentally address the issue of people returning to the theater. As Dr. Phil said, “Is this existing model useful to you?” It’s time to experiment and make some adjustments to see what steps can be taken to improve the initial window of the movie, which can be generated for the business. All subsequent income from funds. Come on, guys, let’s try something new.


Recent articles have suggested to cinema operators how to increase the participation rate of North American films. This year, in addition to a 22% drop in last year, film operators usually maintain their income slightly higher than in previous years by raising fares. However, the number of tickets attended has been declining for many years. In addition to relying on Hollywood studios to make better, more interesting movies, are there other technologies that can attract more people to join the movie?


Economists have found that for decades, cinema chains have been pushing their stocks (theatrical seats) in the same simple way. Basically, adults, children, students, and seniors all pay a price, and morning presentations usually have discounts. But airlines (also involving seats) and hotels (filling hotel rooms) use sophisticated algorithms to minimize the number of seats or empty rooms and maximize the number of seats. Revenue from paid customers. In addition, these industries use the power of the Internet to create an auction market that encourages customers to make purchases. The Internet can also create large, valuable databases that can be explored to analyze consumer behavior and adjust optimal pricing and scheduling strategies.


An article by Steven Zeitchik on explores how the film industry implements variable pricing. It focuses on different movie prices based on performance settings. Movies with lower or lower expectations can see the door attracting customers at a lower price (although the dog in the movie will probably play in an empty theater even if the ticket price is close to zero). Highly anticipated or very successful movies may have higher prices (Harry Potter or Batman or Twilight fans can pay more for the first time watching a movie).


But this is just scratching the surface. There are different ways to achieve variable prices. Some ideas for price variables.


*Day of the week. Prices are slightly higher during the busy hours from Friday to Sunday, while prices from Monday to Thursday are slightly lower than attendance, rather than the same price structure throughout the week. In this case, the entrance fee for the weekend can reach 9.50 US dollars (compared to the average ticket price of 8 US dollars) and the admission fee for peace day is 6.50 US dollars. Look at the $3 idle time of the day for more entries and whether the entries remain relatively stable during the weekend (they are no longer available when the public is used to watching movies, when there is a reward for watching movies). the first). Or theater owners may think this is a way of eating people (although the competition between TV and weekly events is increasingly fierce, the same number of viewers are just changing their “movie nights”). The truth is, give it a try and see what happens.


  • A period of time in a year. Similar to the previous strategy. The film’s attendance was postponed from January to April and August to October, with a focus on May to July and November to December. Price is the most popular “popular” period and the most unpopular period of the year.


  • The life cycle of the movie. The price for the first week or the second week is higher than the third week. Making the most of watching movies in front of others is a reward for frequent audience support from viewers and verbal communicators. As the film begins to decline, lower prices can boost life support, especially if the movie is noisy.


  • Waiting room. The price of the theater facade is slightly lower than the seat s for a better view of all screens.



  • All combinations above. All of the above variables can be mixed and combined. No single variable can provide the best solution, which may be a smart (though complex) combination of different strategies. Once again, our idea is to choose the market and experiment.


Will the public resist the high price of certain things? Will they feel embarrassed? Well, do you think the price of popcorn, candy and soft drinks is much higher? The franchise line is long (and very profitable) and most viewers accept these prices. The Arc Light chain in Los Angeles has released a higher price. If you provide a great experience, movie lovers will tolerate me.


Netflix model. In another article on Tribeca Film, Chris Dorr published a fascinating idea: building relationships with customers and getting them into a frequent movie show, completely simple, with unlimited monthly subscriptions to a channel or a group of theaters. The suggested price ($10 per month) is very low (movie viewers, who run the company, still watch a lot of movies every month, and their income drops). But if the price is about $25 a month, the occasional audience may become a regular audience and increase the revenue of the franchise.


However, in fact, research will resist this plan. They don’t see the benefits of concessions. Anything that can “free ride” for moviegoers may reduce the revenue of high-performance movies. (Those still made, aren’t they?). But this plan should not be so literal. The main benefit of the program is to establish an online relationship with the public. To register, consumers will provide a zip code, an email address, and the usual gender and age. The database will soon become a commercial gold mine, full of valuable data on consumer behavior. The pricing mechanisms discussed above can be tested and advanced marketing techniques can be implemented. With 75 million serious viewers (about a quarter of the population), one channel can easily develop millions of databases.


The author claims that the current system is not performing well. In the face of pirate competition, nothing is done, shorter drama windows on various platforms and national HD visualization will only make the future more difficult.


Exhibitors can better position themselves tomorrow by improving the film experience (by taking pages from Arc Light books or by stopping the phone on the phone to avoid incredible phone conversations or the Internet) and leveraging the power of the Internet. Oh, a better movie will help.





























Its something I’ve always wanted to do. But something I’ve never done.

And as a dentist’s assistant gently hoovered my mouth and mumbled something non sensical about quitting smoking this afternoon i realised, under local anaestetic… that I’m about to do it.

Im releasing a Valentines record:

(Hand screen printed on recycled card. I emitted 3 moments of co2 during production)

Buy Here:

I’ve called it If Others Call It Love… and it is a collection of what one might call love songs, depending on your mood.

I found myself alone in a studio a few weeks ago, i ordered a pizza, i drank a little wine and began a record. I let the pizza chef pick my toppings.. I said “Hey, Surprise me..”. Thats romance.

Here’s a quick line about each song:


at last a song that deals with the way some removal firms manhandle your precious goods.


musings on the tragic demise of Bob Wells, a tree surgeon from Leicester


Inspired by a cyclic 48 hour Steve Reich triangle performance


This is Leonard Cohen’s song that we covered recently for Mojo magazine. He apparently said of our efforts “Did you change the Key?”


a short examination of the writing style of the now fully recovered Barry Manilow

None of those explanations are in any way true. Except for the bit about Leonard Cohen.

I’ve also been appearing in some magazines.. Mojo gave me a whole page in the current issue. I pushed for a fold out centre spread but they said it wasn”t that kind of magazine.

MOJO, don’t be mislead by the title. Its not that kind of magazine.

Jocks&Nerds is a publication that is committed to bringing you both sides of the story. At a push, I’d say I was selected as a nerd. That said, the quality of the paper this is printed on is excellent.. weighing in at a hefty 190gsm with a matt finish that really lets the photos zing.


I think thats enough from me.

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I have never met this woman

It has been well documented in Who’s Tinkling? Magazine, that most of my time over the last 6 months has been spent writing and recording music for a film. This has been lovely but hasn’t left any time for finishing off my next record.. I’d love to say that I’m cracking straight on with it now, but obviously I’m not.

Whenever I happen to pick up a copy of The Guardian Weekend Magazine, after I’ve read the Blind Date interview, I usually move on to the Weekend Interview. Being both an optimist and a dreamer, I often Say out loud, adopting my fathers voice ” One day Daniel, that will be you”.. then I hear my neighbours gently chuckle into their glasses of chilled Rose’ as the cork rolls off their picnic table and into the unfathomable depths of a Birkenstock sandal.

So imagine my surprise today when after reading how Jonathon and Desmond got on at Jamie’s Itailian, N1, I turn the pages back to the Weekend Interview and realise…

I’m never going to be asked to do this interview..

So I could just make one up.

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Please note that the slashes between the numbers don’t indicate indecision from the press i.e Mojo ” We just can’t decide? Its like a 4 or a 5 or something”, or Uncut “hmm, this is definitely a sort of somewhere between an 8 or 9 or 10… something like that I think”. Its just a short hand for saying 8 out of 10. Like the TV show with Jimmy Carr. I like Jimmy Carr. I’ve not seen the show though.

So here’s links to where you can buy the lovely thing:









Sometimes it’s hard to know if you’ve said too little or too mu..

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As you know, our album launch show is at The Old St Pancras Church on 15th March

But what after that? I can’t just go home and light a fire.

So I’ll be supporting the wonderful Beth Orton around the UK this April, playing songs from the new record Blindspot each night before she comes on to play songs from her latest record Sugaring Season. The dates and ticket links are below, this is no time for humour.

4th April The Electric Palace, Bridport

6th April The Junction, Cambridge

8th April Tyne Theatre, Newcastle

9th April Liquid Room, Edinburgh

10th April Irish Centre, Leeds

13th April Academy 2, Oxford

15th April St Georges Hall, Bristol

16th April Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth

17th April Royal Festival Hall, London

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