This weekend marked another strong showing for online poker tournaments, as most of the Sunday majors were well-attended events. Between Party Poker, iPoker, and Bwin, it seems the European sites are doing quite well for themselves. While they may never catch up to PokerStars, they are all providing ample competition for the #2 overall spot. Bwin and Party Poker continue to battle for the biggest non-PokerStars event, as both eclipsed the $250,000 prize pool mark on Sunday. These quarter-million prize pools may have been seen as small a few years ago, but are now some of the biggest tournaments running each week.

PokerStars continues to thrive in its run towards the 2012 Spring Championship of Online Poker.  The event, which begins in May, should be one of the biggest tournament series ever. For more information on SCOOP 2012, be sure to stay tuned to the FTR Poker News Section.  This past weekend, the Sunday Million at Stars 먹튀사이트 once again reigned supreme. With its prize pool consistently back in the $1.5M range, it’s only a matter of time before the guarantee is upped from just $1,000,000.  As the 1-year anniversary of online poker’s Black Friday quickly approaches, the thriving of the Million is certainly something to celebrate. What seemed like a day that could end poker, has now just become a blip on a map. With promising news about interstate poker in the United States coming out every day, it seems it is only a matter of time before Americans are back in the fold.  When that happens, online events will become bigger and better than ever.


Below are the results from this past weekend’s Sunday majors.

Party Poker Sunday $200k Guaranteed

1,284 Entrants; $256,800 prize pool

*3-way chop

  1. ateori $34,454
  2. Slevinro $34,454
  3. DerBullevonTolz $34,454
  4. Bisull $14,766
  5. Fulla_Endo $12,198
  6. howdouplay $9,630
  7. BellagioJohn $7,318
  8. TTR189O6O3I4 $4,879
  9. Matthias288 $3,723
  10. RiggedForrester $2,568

iPoker Sunday $200k Guaranteed

1,890 Entrants; $200,000 prize pool

  1. FootballFan696 $32,000
  2. Ipokersbtch $24,000
  3. AM2PM247 $18,000
  4. pocketdeuces09 $13,160
  5. tecracy $9,400
  6. CriminalJob $7,400
  7. 23HhCMotU23 $5,400
  8. MonnemaBuu $3,500
  9. maagrofix $2,000
  10. zerodeniro $1,540

Bwin Sunday $250k Guaranteed

1,339 Entrants; $254,410 prize pool

  1. scally100 $39,905
  2. Gamer_82 $27,227
  3. jani8903 $19,745
  4. JeanSt. $14,549
  5. lilIlIiO0Ill $10,755
  6. Mulegrynet $7,981
  7. sdot x $6,443
  8. Talko22 $5,029
  9. Sizzla_x $3,917
  10. PlusEVpoker $3,076

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up $500k Guaranteed

3,506 Entrants; $701,200 prize pool

*3-way chop

  1. AA d@n; KK $94,000
  2. scorpchess $80,500
  3. wpr101 $75,478
  4. ImaLuckSac $40,319
  5. Fanov $29,801
  6. ale6ka $22,789
  7. Mindkaos $15,777
  8. kytra $8,765
  9. badambrown $5,609

PokerStars Sunday Million Guaranteed

7,536 Entrants; $1,507,200 prize pool

*5-way chop

  1. Lurkio77 $196,000
  2. diegokeep $137,391
  3. Kiri Dogue $110,518
  4. Mihay28 $123,018
  5. domino020 $87,759
  6. Mjolner101 $46,723
  7. RedIceRap $32,404
  8. MissOracle $18,086
  9. Ilkinopoulos $11,680

PokerStars Sunday500 $300k Guaranteed

853 Entrants; $426,500 prize pool

  1. magom1968 $76,770
  2. heitercamp $55,445
  3. Soccermom96 $41,370
  4. LiroLa $30,921
  5. Anton Marcus $21,495
  6. ImaLuckSac $17,060
  7. wwwoowww $12,795
  8. BgsaPnaples $8,530
  9. jtexaspoker $5,118


While the standard retirement age is 65, there is a significant number of people who successfully retire earlier than that. Some even retire at 40, giving them more than half of their life to spend living out their dreams. Retiring early is a wonderful thing to do if you can manage it. But it does require a lot of planning and dedication. Here are a few tricks to make sure you can actually achieve your early retirement goals.

#1 Understand Your Reasons to Retire at 40.

People who retire at 40 don’t usually do it so that they can spend an extra two decades idling and lounging about. While that’s a perfectly fine way to spend retirement if you can afford it, it’s usually not laziness that motivates people.

In most cases, it’s because you want to break free of the grind and achieve a level of financial security that will allow you to pursue your real passions.

Without the constant stress of money or the need to work full time at a job that isn’t your true passion, you will have the time and energy to do what you want. Spend your life travelling. Dedicate yourself to painting, music, or other creative passions without feeling the pressure to monetize that passion.

retire at 40 goals

It doesn’t matter what your particular reason for retiring early is. What matters is that you know it and keep that motivation in mind consistently. Because retiring at 40 is an ambitious goal and ambition is fueled by your Brassica Transfer Agent dreams and passions.

So what you can do is create a retirement plan that includes more than the pragmatic steps to achieve the financial goal. Create a plan that also includes the ways you want to spend your time, the hobbies you’ll develop, the places you’ll visit, the home you’ll live in, and so on.

#2 Prepare to Be Extremely Disciplined & Frugal

Retiring at 40 means making a few sacrifices now. You will most likely need to make some pretty serious cuts to your living expenses in order to free up cash to put toward retirement. It requires an immense amount of discipline and planning to achieve that goal.

However, that determination and dedication will pay off the day you turn 40 and can start living out your dream. It’s definitely worth. Just keep that end goal in sight. Each time you find yourself struggling with the sacrifices you’ve made or aching from the long hours and hard work you’re putting in, take a moment to visualize your 40-year-old self, living a life of financial freedom and spending your days doing only what you want to do.

#3 Cultivate Passive Income

Retiring early on savings alone may be difficult. That’s even truer when you’re not currently in a position to throw massive amounts of money into savings every month. Instead, you should be focused on investing that money in smart ways that will allow you to collect a regular passive income when you retire.

So that means investing in things like real estate that you can rent out or stocks that pay out dividends. Alternatively, you can consider some creative but less passive income sources for your retirement.

These income sources can help provide you with a base level of financial security and ease the pressure of needing to save your entire retirement needs in cold, hard cash.

#4 Get Completely Out of Debt

You absolutely should not retire in debt. That means getting rid of student loans, mortgages, and car payments. If you are going to use a credit card after 40, pay off the balance before the end of the month so you don’t blow your retirement money on interest payments.

Financial security means knowing that everything you have, you own. It means knowing that the lifestyle you lead is one you can actually afford, not one that needs to be supported by debt.

If you currently have any debt of any kind at all, your retirement plan needs to start with you getting rid of it.

#5 Create a Real, Concrete Retirement Plan

You need a concrete plan for your retirement. That includes:

An estimate of how many years you’ll spend in retirement. If you expect to live to 100, for example, that means you need to save up for 60 years of retirement if you retire at 40.

A plan for how much you will spend each year (accounting for inflation). Create sample monthly budgets for a full year of retirement. And then remember to adjust for factors like social security kicking in at 65 as well as increased medical costs as you grow older.

A total amount of how much you need to save between now and the day you retire at 40 in order to fund the full retirement.

Don’t be afraid to dream big here. When creating a sample budget, don’t be afraid to start by including everything you would want to be part of your lifestyle. Then, if that seems unrealistic, you can trim away some of the things you can do without to make it a workable retirement plan.

The important thing is that you are thorough and detailed enough that your plan is actually a realistic reflection of what you need.

#6 Create a Budget & Savings Strategy Based on that Plan

With that plan, you now know the total amount of money you are working toward. If you really do plan to retire right at 40, you also know how many years you have to get there. So now it’s time to crunch some numbers and explore your options.

Figure out how much you need to save each month. Then, develop a retirement savings plan around that. Consider opening an IRA, investing in a hedge fund, bonds, or even creating your own investment portfolio if you’ve got the know-how. Create a budget that allows you to set aside the necessary amount from your income.

That may mean downsizing your home, giving up your car, getting rid of cable, and other sacrifices. But as mentioned earlier, it will all be worth it when you’re actually able to retire at 40!…

What tilt leads players to do is quite amazing. Some steam ala Phil Hellmuth, others simply decide to play tighter and become as still as a mouse. But according to several reports and a forum posting on TwoPlusTwo, someone at the keluaran hk decided to take matters into their own hands and strangled a fellow player at the table during a tournament.

This happened during a $1,000 buy-in (w/ rebuy) second chance tournament at the Bellagio. The culprit of this literal ad hominem attack was Tony Korfman, poker player and author. The TwoPlusTwo post goes in detail saying that Korfman busted on the bubble and that triggered his bad temper. Korfman got so heated up that he grabbed a fellow player’s neck and started multitasking, yelling at him and choking him.


It took several security guards to stop Korfman, pull him off the player, and promptly escort him outside the building. It goes without saying that Korfman has been banned from playing in the Bellagio for his ungentlemanly behavior.


Present at the scene of the assault was Brain Devonshire, who was the one who posted his recount of the incident on TwoPlusTwo. However, the story got an interesting twist when Korfman also responded to the thread in question as follows:


“I did not bubble. said punk bubbled then slammed his stack toward the guy that won the hand. punk was pissed because guy rivered him with a gutterball. then he had the balls to question weather the guy had him covered with part of his chips in the pot, part on the floor and part in the guy’s stacks. I then mother ****ed him for being a prick and chaos ensued. I always defend the dealers, floormen and players that don’t defend themselves. these types of punks should have been spanked when they were a kid. actually im sorry I didnt pants him and take him over my knee. that would have been a great lesson for him. tk.”


Whatever happens at the table, your hands should not go around the neck of a fellow player. Ever. There is just no excuse for violence. Tony Korfman will have a ton of time to think about what he did, while playing at every other casino in the world but the Bellagio.


Online Casinos can Save Endangered Species, says Australian Professor


Australia is a very special country. It is large and isolated, with the words ‘island’ and ‘continent’ accurately describing it somehow. It is also known for its very diverse weather and very unique ecosystem. Many, as in more than 83%, of the animal species found on Australia are endemic to that country. Many of those species are also endangered, and face the threat of extinction.

Of course, all that exclusivity and fragility demands protection. And an Australian professor from Queensland may have come up with an effective solution. His proposition entails that the state governments impose a fraction of a percent in annual taxes on the online casinos. This relatively very modest sum would aid in saving at least some 372 species from the endangered list. This money would be spent in public education as well as conservation efforts.


As Australia has been moving into regulation of online gambling, this might not be as far-fetched of a possibility as it may at first seem. It’s for a good cause, and will probably be very effective, since the online casinos can supply the money.


The problem is when everybody and their mother decide that they should get a piece of the Online Gambling Tax pie, this piece could simply grow indiscriminately until we see more drastic measures having to be taken, such as (gasp!) increased rake. It has been demonstrated time and time again that most people who want a piece of the Online Gambling Tax pie have no idea how the gambling ecosystem (pardon the pun) is put into each other, how it functions etc. They only see the money rolling, and decide they want some, notwithstanding what effect they may have on the whole thing…


Let’s hope that over time prudence will prevail over greed, for the sake of all the players involved. One time, dealer!


An operation to change the shape of the nose is called rhinoplasty. The classical or closed rhinoplasty is done without any external incisions and is suitable for many people. An alternative way of re-shaping the nose involves a small external incision under the base of the nose combined with internal incisions. This technique, called the external rhinoplasty approach, may be better suited to people in whom the tip of the nose is broad or bulbous, or where more complex techniques are necessary to suture or graft the cartilages of the nose. The best plan for you will be discussed at your consultation visit. After nasal surgery, you can expect some degree of temporary bruising in the eyelids. A light protective splint protects the nose during the first few days. Dr. Davidson shares your goal that the new nasal shape is natural and attractive.

All pictures are unretouched photographs of patients operated on by Dr. Davidson. Individual results will vary. See About Our Photos.

This patient underwent closed ( classical ) rhinoplasty and chin implant at age 15. A recent email from her is on the Patients Comments Page

Copyright Cosmetic Surgery Boston 2004 – Reshaping Nose and Chin, Rhinoplasty 1

Patient Example #2, Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant – Boston – Massachussetts

This patient elected to undergo rhinoplasty and chin implant during the summer vacation between high school and college. This is a choice that is often made so that no explanations will be required to her new classmates. To learn more about your interest on “cool springs plastic surgery reviews“, check here

Copyright Cosmetic Surgery Boston 2004 – Reshaping Nose and Chin, Rhinoplasty 2

Because most people are unable to view their own profile, many are unaware that they have a small or receding chin. Thus they assume that the nose is the only problem. A Polaroid photo may be helpful to a prospective patient evaluate his or her own profile. Of the first three patients shown, none were aware that the chin was a problem prior to their consultation visit but all three were very pleased that Dr. Davidson called this to their attention.

Eyelid Plasty – Blepharoplasty – Boston – Massachusetts

Improving the Appearance of Aging Eyelids

Because the eyes are the focal point of the face, they project an image of youth or age, vigor or fatigue which other people readily notice. In both women and men, wrinkling or drooping skin of the upper eyelids and bags and folds in the lower eyelids are often the first sign of aging. Sagging of the eyebrows and wrinkling of the forehead skin can also make you look tired or unhappy. Accordingly, eyelid plasty ( blepharoplasty ) and brow lift ( forehead lift ) are very common procedures in Dr. Davidsons practice.

Eyelid Plasty – Blepharoplasty – Boston-Massachusetts #1 post-op-front

This 42 yr. old felt that she always looked tired. After upper and lower eyelid plasty, her friends commented that she appeared “pretty” and “refreshed”

Copyright Cosmetic Surgery Boston 2004 – Aging or Baggy Eyes / eyelid plasty 1

In the upper lid, removal of excess skin and fat gives the eye a younger, more rested appearance. This is performed through a fine incision in the natural upper lid fold. In the lower lid, excess skin and fat is removed through an incision just beneath the eye lashes. These incisions usually fade very quickly.…


The sheer variety you get in an event like the Full Tilt Series of Poker is what makes them so enticing. It’s rare that the likes of Stud/8 or Razz get stand shoulder to shoulder with their more popular cousins. Similarly, there’s great scope for different styles of tournament structure. Shootout, Turbo, and Heads Up events are all part of the multi-faceted 신규 꽁머 rainbow. However, sometimes you just want to play some high-stakes No Limit Texas Hold ‘em.

FTOPS XIV Event #10 was just that, a $300 + $22 NLHE tournament with no frills. The only variation was the increased stack sizes, amounting to even more Texas Hold ‘em than normal. This simplicity was a carrion call to the online poker illuminati, tempting in 5,174 of the game’s top online players. This is the highest count so far this series, topping even the traditionally popular Event #1.

It would take the collected poker experts over 14 hours to play down to a winner. Full Tilt predictably pitched their guarantee just right, with the eventual prize pool of $1,552,200 marginally tipping over the $1.5 million guarantee. The eventual winner was Jakivi, who actually ended second in the money stakes. A heads up deal ensured that rakeinfools picked up $228,000.01, versus Jakivi’s $222,137.99. In third was KAFFEPUNCH, who received the standard payout of $131,937.

The event was hosted by Phil Gordon, part-time poker player, author, commentator, and .com millionaire. As a player he has picked up a number of WSOP cashes as well as a WPT title in 2003. He is respected as much for his knowledge of the game as for his ability at the tables. His three instructional textbooks have helped many upcoming players improve and refine their game.

Going into the final table, the chip-stacks were surprisingly even. Early at the final table, the approximate counts were as follows:

KAFFEPUNCH – 4.1 million

LucaG – 1.6 million

rakeinfools – 2.7 million

Jakivi – 4.5 million

likimmer77 – 2.4 million

Jeff1515 – 0.8 million

bryn2 – 3.3 million

harliee – 3 million

rjmgrace – 2.8 million

The first of the nine to exit was bryn2. He ran into every poker player’s worst nightmare just a few hands in. Facing a re-raise from Jakivi, bryn2 looked down at pocket aces and re-popped to 600k. Jakivi made the call and the duo watched a flop of 7-6-9 hit the felt. bryn2 took the initiative and led out for 700k with his premiere over-pair. Jakivi made a quick call and a 2 came on the turn, prompting bryn2 to pump his last 1.9 million into the pot. It didn’t take long for Jakivi to call and flip over his heartbreaking pocket nines. A 10 on the river wasn’t one of bryn2’s two outs and he was eliminated in 9th.

Next up it was the turn of harliee, who tripped up when he called rakeinfools 2.2 million pre-flop push. His A-Q suited was evenly matched against rakeinfools’ pocket 10s, but a board of 8-9-8-5-3 failed to provide the picture cards or diamonds he was looking for. Shortly after, the table’s shortstack Jeff1515 put his tournament life on the line against lilkimmer77. Jeff was halfway out the door when he discovered that his Ac-9c had to beat his opponent’s Q-Q. However, the poker gods were clearly on his side, flopping him a nut flush that negated the third Queen which arrived on the turn. A blank river confirmed his double up and left lilkimmer77 flailing. The very next hand he would commit his final 1.4 million and be called by rjmgrace. Both 9-10 off-suit and pocket 8s were completely missed by the board, ending lilkimmer77’s run in 7th place.

After this rip-roaring start, which saw three players eliminated inside 18 hands, it would be some time before the next competitor made his way to the rail. During this pause, Jakivi succeeded in building his stack to around 10 million and was looking odds-on for the title. After some lengthy toing and froing the floodgates opened, and two players were eliminated in two hands.

Everyone folded around to Jeff1515, who was nursing a 1.6 million shortstack. He committed it all from the small blind and rjmgrace defended his BB with a call. Unfortunately for Jeff he was thoroughly dominated, his J-4 trailing badly to the A-J of rjmgrace. After flopping the nut flush earlier, Jeff might have been hoping for a little more luck, but his reserves seem to have run dry when the board of A-J-9-4-5 arrived.

After Jeff1515’s exit in 6th, LucaG pushed his final 1.7 million into the middle the very next hand. This time it was up to rakeinfools to make the call and repeat history. Once again the shortstack’s faced domination, this time A-9 against A-Q. An Ace on the flop changed nothing and the rest of the board was no help to LucaG. A Queen on the river sealed the deal and put Luca out in 5th.

A short while later, the previously quiet KAFFEPUNCH decided that the time was right to gamble. He doubled up to 5.2 million when his 7-7 managed to dodge the board against rakeinfools’ A-Q. A few hands later he was down to 3.2 million, but succeeded in doubling up a second time. rjmgrace was the obliging chip donator, his A-K failing to topple KAFFEPUNCH’s pocket 5s. That proved to be a deadly blow for rjmgrace and a few hands later he put in his final 2.3 million from the small blind. In the big blind, rakeinfools elected to make the call and was ahead with K-7 against Q-10. The board came 5-6-8-A-9 to furnish rakeinfools with an unnecessary straight and put rjmgace out in 4th.

After some failed discussions regarding a prize money chop, KAFFEPUNCH played his final hand. Calling a raise for Jakivi heralded the arrival of a Q-8-2 flop. A sneaky check-raise all-in was cut short when Jakivi called and flipped up A-Q. Top pair-second kicker wasn’t enough for KAFFEPUNCH and his K-Q was in need of some drastic assistance. If you had asked him which card he would like on the turn, I expect an Ace would have been at the bottom of the list. When the Aces arrived it left KAFFEPUNCH drawing dead and on his way to the rail.

With two players remaining rakieinfools had a slight chiplead and he negotiated a deal with Jakivi that saw him take a slightly larger portion of the prizepool that his opponent. Left to play for was a mandatory $15,000, along with the FTOPS XIV Event #10 title. With his new found fiscal advantage, rjmgrace pressed his chiplead and started to pull away from Jakivi. However, a pair of key double ups put Jak firmly in the driving seat. From Jakivi looked like the only likely winner, slowly building up his stack until he had a 4-1 chip advantage.

The final hand of the heads up contest began with Jakivi raising to 666,666. Satan’s raise proved unlucky for rakeinfools, as he saw his 5.2 million all-in bet called. Holding only 10-9 he needed some help against the A-2 of Jakivi. The board contrived to miss everyone, running out J-6-5-3-K. Despite taking home the most money, rakeinfools missed out on the prestige of an FTOPS title – an honor which belongs solely to Jakivi.

The final table payouts were as follows:

1* Jakivi $222,137.99

2* rakeinfools $228,000.01

3 KAFFEPUNCH $131,937.00

4 rjmgrace $99,340.80

5 LucaG $74,427.99

6 Jeff1515 $51,222.60

7 lilkimmer77 $33,372.30

8 harliee $23,283.00

9 bryn2 $16,298.10…


It’s no secret: the odds on table games are not bad, but slot machines suck down your money hand over fist. So why do most people prefer slots? Probably because slots offer the possibility of a huge jackpot. Five dollars on blackjack can win, well, usually, $5. But five bucks in a slot machine could win thousands — or even millions. So that keeps players glued to the slot machines. They know they probably won’t win, but they want the chance of a big win. Unfortunately, they pay dearly for that chance: Slot players easily lose more money than table games players, because slot odds are poor and the games are played at a lightning pace.

There’s another reason that slot players don’t play table games with better odds: They don’t know how. That’s where this website comes in. Maybe you’re a slot player tired of losing your shirt every time you take a gambling vacation, and you’re ready to have a better chance of winning. Or maybe you’ve never been to the casino, but you’re smart enough to seek out the best bets rather than throwing your money away in slots. Either way, we’ll show you the basics of playing table games. Even if you’re playing online rather than in a “real” casino, you’ll still save your bankroll by dumping the slots and playing the table games instead.

How much can you save by playing table games instead of slots? Let’s take a look at expected savings for a weekend (10 hours) of play, using the Crash Course methods described below:

Table Game

Amount saved vs. $0.25 slots

Amout saved vs. $1.00 slots

Roulette, $5/spin



MiniBaccarat, $5/h.



Blackjack, $5/hand



Craps, $10/round

($5 Pass, $5 odds)




Assumptions: Slots played 800 spins/hr. Slot returns are average for Las Vegas Strip & Downtown casinos as published in Jan. 2002 Casino Player (94% for quarters and 95% for dollars). MiniBaccarat, Blackjack, and Craps played at 150, 100, and 30 rounds/hr. respectively. Table games played as per crash course สล็อตออนไลน์ได้เงินจริง strategies listed below. Table shows mathematical expected result, though results obviously will vary due to short-term fluctuation.

If this isn’t enough to convince you to try table games, I don’t know what is. You don’t even have to abandon slots if you love them — but when you need a break from the monotony of slots, trying a table game instead of continuing on a slot binge will save you money.

Learning any table game in depth could take a while — 30 minutes to a few hours, depending on the game. But the secret is, learning just the BASICS is enough to give you way better odds than you’d get on a slot machine. So let’s proceed to the crash course.

Print Out this Page

Print out this page and take it with you to the casino. The casino won’t care. It’s much easier to use this page as a cheat sheet rather than trying to memorize everything.

Getting Chips

Every table has a minimum bet, indicated by a sign on the table (usually $1-5 for Craps, $5 for Blackjack). Make sure to read the sign so you don’t buy in at a $25 table when you meant to be at a $5 table.

Put your cash on the table, right in front of you. Don’t hand it to the dealer; they can’t take money directly from your hand. When you put it on the table, don’t put it inside a marked circle or on any writing, or the dealer may think you want to bet the cash! The dealer will finish the hand (s)he’s dealing before looking at your money, so be patient — if your money’s on the table, they’ll get to it.

Dealers don’t make change. Any money you put on the table will be turned into chips. Then again, you don’t have to bet all your chips. When you’re done, you take whatever chips you have left to the cashier booth to cash them in.

Red chips are worth $5 and green chips are $25. The $1 chips are either silver or white. Red and green chips are sometimes called “nickels” or “quarters”, respectively. The dealer may ask “How do you want that?”, meaning do you want all red, or some red and green, etc. Whatever you get, always get at least five silver for tipping.

Use Your Slot Card

Yep, you can use your slot card on table games. Just place it on the table with your money. The dealer will give it to a floor supervisor, who will write down the number and then give it back to you. Your play won’t show up as points the next time you put your card into a machine, but you can still get free meals once you’ve played long enough. (Ask a pit boss how long you need to play to get a meal.) Free goodies you get from the casino are called comps. (More on comps.)

Using Chips

Make a bet by putting one or more chips in the betting circle or other marked betting area. If you’re betting different color chips, the larger denomination chips go on bottom.

Don’t touch your bet (chips) once you’ve placed it! Some people try to cheat the casino by decreasing their bet (removing chips) when they’ve lost a hand, or adding chips when they’ve won a hand. Because of this, the casinos don’t want your hands near your chips once your bet is placed, and the dealers enforce the no-touching rule very seriously.

When you’re finished playing, push your chips forward and ask the dealer to “color up”, which means to turn your stack of low-denomination chips into a few high denomination chips. That way you have fewer chips to carry over to the cashier cage to cash them in. Just make sure you don’t push your chips into a betting circle, otherwise the dealer might think you want to bet all your chips!

How much to bet

When you’re new at any game, always play the table minimum, usually $5. If you could afford to play quarter slots, you can easy afford to bet $5 a hand at a table. A $500 bankroll is usually sufficient for a weekend of play (15 hours) at most table games.

Getting Help from the Dealer

Don’t be afraid to ask the dealer for help, especially if you don’t understand some of the instructions listed here. For example, you might see that the blackjack strategy below tells you to split two 8’s, and you have two 8’s but you have no idea how to split them. Just ask, “How do I split these?”, and the dealer will tell you how.

Be sure you can tell the difference when the dealer tells you that you CAN’T do something vs. that you SHOULDN’T do something. If the dealer says you can’t, well, that’s the rules, and you can’t. But if the dealer advises against something just because they think it’s a bad bet (like splitting 8’s), then remain firm that you want to make your play. Believe it or not, most dealers don’t know the proper strategies for the games they’re dealing, and the other players are no better.


Like waiters, dealers generally make minimum wage and work for tips. I generally tip out $5 per hour I play ($1 at a time throughout the hour). A tip for a dealer is called a toke. You can offer your tip directly to the dealer, or you can place a bet for the dealer. I often ask which they prefer, but almost all dealers go for the bet rather than taking the toke directly. Betting for the dealer is a good way to establish rapport with the dealer, and in games like Blackjack when you’re betting against the dealer’s hand, this reminds you that your opponent is really the casino, not the dealer herself. Betting for the dealer is done differently in different games, so just ask the dealer at your game, “How do I place a bet for you?”

Tipping, of course, is optional, and some players don’t tip at all. But remember that most dealers, like waiters, make minimum wage and are really working for tips. (And at the El Cortez, dealers averaged only $21/day in tips, according to The Dealer’s News.) Also, the IRS takes 28% out of their tip pool right away. I don’t tip unfriendly or unhelpful dealers, but I’ll tip even an average dealer $5/hr. (On the other hand, most U.S. casinos require all dealers to pool their tips together.) Don’t worry about losing money from tipping — $5/hr. is WAY less than you’d lose on slots.

The Games

Baccarat & Mini-Baccarat

This game is the closest thing to a table version of a slot machine: You place your bets, the cards are dealt, and then they tell you whether you won or not. You don’t make any decisions, just like a slot machine. You simply bet and cross your fingers. You have a choice of three different bets, and you want to bet on Banker every time for the lowest house edge (1.06%). The dealer will take a 5% commission on winning hands, but your low 1.06% disadvantage includes the commision. Check out our Baccarat lesson.


After you’ve bought chips, look for a big hockey puck on the table that says ON or OFF. If it says ON, wait until the dealer turns it to OFF before you place your bet. As soon as it goes to OFF, then put your betting chip on the part of the table marked PASS LINE. If you lose the dealer will take your chip. If you win the dealer will give you another chip, which you’ll pick up, and let your original bet play again. If the marker gets turned to ON, you’re moving into a bonus round and have another chance to win. At this point place another chip below (due South) of your original bet. Most of the other bets at Craps are sucker bets, so don’t make them. If you play as recommended, you’ll enjoy a very low house edge of less than 1%. You don’t even have to understand what’s going on, but if you’d like to (it’s probably more fun that way), then check out our Craps lesson.


Most wheels have a 0 and a 00, and have a 5% house edge. Some wheels have only the 0 (no 00), and have about a 2.6% house edge. Although the Single Zero wheel gives better odds, even with a 00 wheel and $5 bets you’ll lose less money than on a 5-coin nickel slot machine. Playing Roulette is easy: Just buy chips, and put your chip(s) on the number(s) you think will win, or on red or black, even or odd, etc. Check out our Roulette lesson.



You can get an ultra-low 0.5% house edge with a couple of hours of study. But even with this crash course, you’ll enjoy a low house edge of around 1.5% and lose way less money than at slots. Remember, if you don’t understand these instructions, just tell the dealer what you want to do and he’ll help you. For example, if you have two 8’s and you know you want to split, ask, “How do I split these?” Here’s your crash course strategy:

(1) When your total is 10 or 11, double when the dealer’s up card is less than your total.


(2) Always split two 8’s or two Aces.


(3) If the dealer’s up card is 7 or more, then hit until you have at least 17, then stand.


(4) If the dealer’s up card is 6 or less, than hit until you have at least 12, then stand.


(5) Never take insurance or even money.


Expected Loss

So how does all this compare to slots, money-wise? Check out the table, which …

After an exciting October with some very close races, we’re on our way for more excitement as the November races kick off. Although it is often difficult to win a Leaderboard race by going wire to wire throughout the month, its always fun to take a look early in the month to see how the races are shaping up.

If you’d like to follow the FTP Leaderboard results, FlopTurnRiver archives the results daily on the Full Tilt network page. You can find it here: Leaderboard-Calendar by scrolling down to the leaderboard section and choosing a day to view. Also, for today’s complete standings (top 250 in all three categories) click here: November 9th Leaderboard Results


Current November 9th Top Ten MTT Leaders


1    sprstoner    5031.30

2    muoi1    4103.10

3    bethwolf22    2929.20

4    inhidonks    2927.50

5    Pimpnuho    2872.10

6    garage13    2719.00

7    kennl    2690.10

8    epokerounder    2605.80

9    JUMP PUTT    2510.00

10    bchgal    2399.40

After winning the October MTT Leaderboard race, sprstoner is back on top as we get underway in November. He continues to show consistent results in the $75 buy-in 45-player multi-table SNGs, with 6 wins so far worth $1,180 each. He also posted 8th place in the $80K guaranteed Sunday $163 Rebuy tournament for $6,184 on 11/02, as well as finishing 101st in FTOPS Event #9 for $1,450.

Holding up the 2nd place spot is muoi1, with heavy volume in the SNG 45s. He’s had several wins in the both the $26 and $75 buyins. crypto gambling Bethwolf22 rounds out the top 3 on the strength of a 14th place finish in the $109 Rebuy FTOPS Event #7 for $3,300.

A couple of well known MTT regulars come in 4th and 5th. With four 4-figure cashes, inhidonks takes 4th. He boasts a 5th place finish in the $322 buyin $90K Guaranteed tourney for $5,917 on 11/01. Pimpnuho comes in at #5 taking down five 4-figure cashes including a win in the $33 1 rebuy 1 addon $12.5K Guarantee on 11/04 for $3,533.

Current November 9th Top Ten SNG Leaders – High Limit

1    braminc    10502.20

2    PokerToronto    8255.70

3    Whitesnake1    7151.30

4    HowBadDoIRun    7128.60

5    Mack the Finger    7092.50

6    zadpox dot com    6862.30

7    locks18    6653.40

8    flopdisasta    5600.20

9    Snuffie381    5177.20

A new name surfaces at the top in the High Limit SNG Top Ten. After finishing 148th in October, braminc jumps out to an early lead with an solid 10,502 points. Braminc primarily plays the $169 super turbos, and is obviously putting in serious volume and posting excellent results.

PokerToronto, a very familiar name in the High Limit bracket, shows up in 2nd place. He has won the SNG High Limit Leaderboard title for the last two months, and is always a threat to contend. Another consistent factor in the race, Whitesnake1, rounds out the top three. Whitesnake1 came in a very close 2nd to PokerToronto last month, and should be in the running as the race develops throughout the month.

Zadpox dot com and Snuffie381 also show up in the Top Ten as we get underway. Both were Top Ten finishers last month, with Zadpox dot com finishing 6th for October, and Snuffie381 ending up in 9th place. Both of them are capable of putting in good weeks, so look for them to possibly make a run at the top spot.

Current November 9th Top Ten SNG Leaders – Low Limit


1    vertoprah    5363.80

2    fylhbzy    4829.10

3    Randinho    4252.90

4    InsertCliche    3873.90

5    Peristeria    3818.10

6    Pippiloma    3453.60

7    nitrino    3412.80

8    a4lord    2991.70

9    respiratorz    2969.90

10    J2ThaP    2966.00


The Top Ten for the Low Limit SNG Leaderboard is peppered with new names as we start off here in November. After finishing 46th for October, vertoprah holds the lead with a very respectable 5363 points. Considering that the winner last month ended up with 12715, this Russian player is certainly off to quite a start.

Fylhbzy holds up the #2 spot after finishing 7th last month, followed by Randinho in 3rd. Peristeria, a fixture in the Top Ten, comes in at #5, after finishing 5th last month. We’ll be looking forward to seeing how this race develops as the November race proceeds.…

The Full Tilt Online result hk Series neared a close this past Sunday with Event #24. This tournament was a $129 buy-in Knockout tournament with a guaranteed $500k prize pool.

The combination of the popular Knockout format and the relatively low buy-in attracted a huge field. Full Tilt Pro Erich Kollmann hosted as the number of entries reached the maximum allowable 7,000 players, with payouts awarded to the top 720 finishers. The total prize pool ended up at $700,000, with a first place finish of $136,164 awarded to eventual winner slaskovic.


Here were the chip counts heading into the final table, with well known online pro Luke Staudenmaier, aka “IWEARGOGGLES” leading the way:


  1. IWEARGOGGLES        9,879,511
  2. GabrielFortune    4,953,284
  3. bmm77        4,215,786
  4. HorningT12        4,039,186
  5. moneymaking78    3,257,566
  6. slaskovic        2,698,357
  7. Iceman Wins        2,680,431
  8. imfatandugly        2,559,249
  9. JAGERN        716,630


A key hand for slaskovic happened with 8 players left and blinds at 100k/200k, antes of 25K. Sitting in the big blind with 3.25 million chips, he called an all in by IWEARGOGGLES. Slaskovic’s 99 held up against A7o, giving his stack a huge boost. As play progressed to heads up, slaskovic eventually won out when his AKo beat HorningT12′s QTo, giving him the title and the big payday.


Congratulations to all the players that finished in the money:


1      slaskovic      $136,164.00

2     HorningT12     $83,300.00

3     JAGERN     $58,800.00

4     moneymaking78     $42,000.00

5     GabrielFortune     $30,100.00

6     IWEARGOGGLES     $20,300.00

7     Iceman Wins     $14,000.00

8     bmm77     $9,800.00

9     imfatandugly     $7,000.00

10     ma77th3gr34t     $4,550.00

11     Brain damage1     $4,550.00

12     chris5920     $4,550.00

13     DunleavyAW     $3,150.00

14     Frenchie64     $3,150.00

15     betistopheles     $3,150.00

16     TrustMEclikFOLD     $2,310.00

17     bethwolf22     $2,310.00

18     bgitty     $2,310.00

19     burlee     $1,890.00

20     ofcourselose     $1,890.00

21     sexuelity     $1,890.00

22     lauraj111     $1,890.00

23     VonDutch     $1,890.00

24     CDoubleU     $1,890.00

25     thearthurdog     $1,890.00

26     UluckyMF     $1,890.00

27     stars shark     $1,890.00

28     PwnPhestivul     $1,680.00

29     TranquilChaos     $1,680.00

30     luckyshades     $1,680.00

31     The Drake     $1,680.00

32     what a donk     $1,680.00

33     gregnapp     $1,680.00

34     STELLA05     $1,680.00

35     oftm21     $1,680.00

36     JULZZ7     $1,680.00

37     townio     $1,470.00

38     ThankQEhEr     $1,470.00

39     MuffBox     $1,470.00

40     BADBOYNEL     $1,470.00

41     willcutyou     $1,470.00

42     GiveMeUrCh1ps     $1,470.00

43     AzhL     $1,470.00

44     44inmypocket     $1,470.00

45     TheCapricorn1     $1,470.00

46     CharlieBeagle     $1,260.00

47     ULOST2AKID     $1,260.00

48     pT300RiverKing     $1,260.00

49     Bruko     $1,260.00

50     BFdahl1     $1,260.00

51     bodgeka     $1,260.00

52     Lateski     $1,260.00

53     martinezhaze     $1,260.00

54     GiveMeDollars     $1,260.00

55     killaklown585     $1,120.00

56     LEObLUmaGE     $1,120.00

57     butch_dk     $1,120.00

58     ALLinwithdaBEST     $1,120.00

59     kirav8     $1,120.00

60     wiseguy2004     $1,120.00

61     turkeymother     $1,120.00

62     MalacDOD     $1,120.00

63     russia_girl     $1,120.00

64     mkong814     $980.00

65     GoffaqYussuf     $980.00

66     okie77     $980.00

67     pokerflash7     $980.00

68     BIGSHOT_OWNAGE     $980.00

69     rph1968     $980.00

70     XnotthatoneX     $980.00

71     WhySoCereus     $980.00

72     Kroock     $980.00

73     knpstringband     $840.00

74     padirk165     $840.00

75     FlopNutsOnYou     $840.00

76     QLA123     $840.00

77     SPIRITSLAYER     $840.00

78     Walk1ngFish     $840.00

79     bello07     $840.00

80     Alaska-mlm     $840.00

81     Care4Nature     $840.00

82     Jocke_G     $735.00

83     Hoon Shannon     $735.00

84     cadillackid     $735.00

85     Zeratul     $735.00

86     OlyDaJew     $735.00

87     MoMoney8422     $735.00

88     captainleighton     $735.00

89     D SANDT 1     $735.00

90     flushdraw34     $735.00

91     REDLORY     $630.00

92     MKS2079     $630.00

93     Josh Arieh     $630.00

94     Chances Cards     $630.00

95     Yasmine1     $630.00

96     whobutme     $630.00

97     THEDRILLER1     $630.00

98     La_Guvulin     $630.00

99     bulletproof47     $630.00

100     canofcorn22     $630.00

101     ALISMIT1     $630.00

102     JLOX420     $630.00

103     tobiwobi1     $630.00

104     loud423     $630.00

105     CMEPTb     $630.00

106     chico134     $630.00

107     marathoner1     $630.00

108     lubmynuts     $630.00

109     bobby kraut     $532.00

110     Die Schlange     $532.00

111     jimmyd381     $532.00

112     Monchy4     $532.00

113     AF101     $532.00

114     magikstick8     $532.00

115     TJB111     $532.00

116     DOOM     $532.00

117     Cali Roller     $532.00

118     crazychicken     $532.00

119     Meyers24hrs     $532.00

120     FloppedTheNuts     $532.00

121     JAYCARDRAT     $532.00

122     ChipRak3r     $532.00

123     PLEBSTER     $532.00

124     eatschips     $532.00

125     Mast26     $532.00

126     Rivertoto     $532.00

127     TakeEmAll222     $532.00

128     pmshoww     $532.00

129     Clam Vendetta     $532.00

130     chatdisabler     $532.00

131     m_carmichael     $532.00

132     parfum     $532.00

133     StuckOBV     $532.00

134     Tolly112     $532.00

135     billinga     $532.00

136     Yeagermeista     $462.00

137     DownTheStreetD     $462.00

138     Spec-typeof     $462.00

139     sday     $462.00

140     Karls_Hungus     $462.00

141     Kdownunder     $462.00

142     Ravn Jahn     $462.00

143     dougfresh215     $462.00

144     fitnesssiggi     $462.00

145     rinco66     $462.00

146     Ajeff007     $462.00

147     sisipok     $462.00

148     benba     $462.00

149     SHOWMETEX     $462.00

150     Kavin86     $462.00

151     Tim_lwd     $462.00

152     willtonk21     $462.00

153     therocket87     $462.00

154     jwprp     $462.00

155     Nomar8     $462.00

156     Irish_Luck4vr     $462.00

157     NeonMoney     $462.00

158     the_wolf888     $462.00

159     apa1982     $462.00

160     Jester Jensen     $462.00

161     steady_nice     $462.00

162     nederbelg     $462.00

163     d-WBE     $462.00

164     GamblinGoof     $462.00

165     orbadden     $462.00

166     manuale1     $462.00

167     marie34000     $462.00

168     classic     $462.00

169     4everunkown     $462.00

170     str8gangsta_82     $462.00

171     neelemonster     $462.00

172     Tedz Day     $392.00

173     Zima421     $392.00

174     Tampez44     $392.00

175     Tonnbraider     $392.00

176     oksmot     $392.00

177     Jeffboski     $392.00

178     Amigo_xxx     $392.00

179     TH3H4CK3RZ1337     $392.00

180     McArdle     $392.00

181     darkchek_     $392.00

182     trublupoker     $392.00

183     snappingTURTLE     $392.00

184     kovi99     $392.00

185     Alexy23     $392.00

186     MM MARK     $392.00

187     NeocortexX     $392.00

188     masteread     $392.00

189     BRONXPKRPLYR     $392.00

190     Radersquad     $392.00

191     xxxpotheadxxx     $392.00

192     papatop     $392.00

193     str8upnutz     $392.00

194     grgimpy     $392.00

195     regal1992     $392.00

196     Sloffy     $392.00

197     paulhan85     $392.00

198     Bobbie W     $392.00

199     fratboy247     $392.00

200     gmsblackm     $392.00

201     Bortzork     $392.00

202     TURNINATOR     $392.00

203     RLFW     $392.00

204     brin1285     $392.00

205     Rand E Couture     $392.00

206     Jewski420     $392.00

207     chuck2001     $392.00

208     ACE-737     $392.00

209     MEBSTER     $392.00

210     Tonym82     $392.00

211     phonique     $392.00

212     realdeal1983     $392.00

213     Gettin Daize     $392.00

214     mort68     $392.00

215     kenzo74     $392.00

216     Tip4s     $392.00

217     ManziAA     $336.00

218     Nicodaemus     $336.00

219     To_Be_The_Man     $336.00

220     AKat11     $336.00

221     Sniper801     $336.00

222     archie slade     $336.00

223     Phill757     $336.00

224     FERARRI13     $336.00

225     guido03     $336.00

226     Turbo327     $336.00

227     Mikadoo     $336.00

228     viper31573     $336.00

229     MrElPaso     $336.00

230     goodcall     $336.00

231     UdoLatex     $336.00

232     joetheflop     $336.00

233     kjufkugli     $336.00

234     Fireflai     $336.00

235     komeylian     $336.00

236     ambiguosity     $336.00

237     Gags30     $336.00

238     slyharry     $336.00

239     Pimpnuho     $336.00

240     tim015     $336.00

241     Godin Fabrice     $336.00

242     GoTwins07     $336.00

243     kasenkka     $336.00

244     litto     $336.00

245     TommyT83     $336.00

246     ChipSteela     $336.00

247     bef99hwk     $336.00

248     Skjerve1     $336.00

249     Edelweys     $336.00

250     holmslice24     $336.00

251     EL Sei     $336.00

252     xbrokenacesx     $336.00

253     DiRtY JeRsEy86     $336.00

254     bearmoney     $336.00

255     Pokerralle03     $336.00

256     m zeal     $336.00

257     BucketofClams     $336.00

258     BACEK7     $336.00

259     tuna_fish_tank     $336.00

260     KKfromHell     $336.00

261     GM2121     $336.00

262     larabet     $336.00

263     5iveofaKind     $336.00

264     GiveMeUrCookies     $336.00

265     B_O_K_E     $336.00

266     COTLOD     $336.00

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268     urCHEKRAISE     $336.00

269     poppiekimmie     $336.00

270     Kyle1133     $336.00

271     BostonStrongBoy     $294.00

272     ChipRich     $294.00

273     bowser125     $294.00

274     Fathomer     $294.00

275     Penha_SP     $294.00

276     rightbox     $294.00

277     Robin Quivers     $294.00

278     GEEZLY 1     $294.00

279     train226     $294.00

280     Ted_Maul6     $294.00

281     Jason8282     $294.00

282     dejgui     $294.00

283     sheaboney     $294.00

284     susiemac     $294.00

285     restealFTW     $294.00

286     Workhorse05     $294.00

287     LDiddy17     $294.00

288     eglisura     $294.00

289     Von_Dutchie     $294.00

290     Eleon222     $294.00

291     RezKid7     $294.00

292     CertifydGangsta     $294.00

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InterCasino has been the host of an unprecedented flurry of jackpot activity as two players won progressive prizes worth US$180,770.68 and US$118,700.24 respectively in less than 36-hours. The two jackpots shattered any previous claims of back-to-back US$100K+ wins in an online casino.


The jackpots came on Rags to Riches and Spice Island Poker, both containing progressive prizes offered by Jackpot Mania ( Jackpot Mania brings land-based progressive action worth a minimum US$100,000 to the Internet in casinos such as InterCasino.


The first win occurred close to midnight on March 24 by ‘Barb’, a self-employed professional with years of online gaming experience. ‘Barb’ began her day with a US$100 random prize from InterCasino ( manager Ryan Hartley. Hartley appears in the casino under the handle ‘RyanH’ to award free promotional cash to players, amounting to thousands of dollars monthly.


By late afternoon, ‘Barb’ turned her US$100 into US$11,518.00, mainly thanks to a four-of-a-kind on a multi-player Let It Ride table. After a break from the casino, she would press her luck into the win of a lifetime, and a one-day total of over US$192,000.


“It was quite a day,” recalled ‘Barb’. “I started in the morning and I ran into (Casino Manager) Ryan Hartley. He gave me a free US$100, which I later used to hit the four-of-a-kind on Let it Ride. After my boyfriend finished playing a while, I went back on the computer. That is when I hit the Spice Island Poker Royal Flush for US$180,000+. I have been playing for a couple of years now, and I couldn’t be happier with InterCasino.”


The second major win came early in the morning on March 26, as ‘mgpg33’ hit a US$118,700.24 jackpot on Rags to Riches. ‘mgpg33’ had opened an InterCasino account just three weeks ago. The Rags to Riches progressive was also hit earlier this March as ‘ilkirby’, a waitress who plays at William Hill Casino (, claimed US$193,012.00 on her birthday, March 14.


Other InterCasino US$100K jackpot winners for 2002 include ‘jwhite’, a US$227,653.20 winner on Spice Island Poker Jan 29., and ‘jas3516’, who claimed US$189,433.44 on Feb 2. on Rags to Riches, three hours after registering an account.


Ten US$100K+ jackpots were claimed in 2001. In total, more than US$5.5 million was awarded on over 17,000 Slot Gacor Jackpot Mania wins in 2001 – averaging 47+ winners daily. Big winners at InterCasino in 2001 include ‘jwhite8’, ‘moosed’ (US$176,647.19), ‘flagg04’ (US$152,488.36) and ‘stash’ (US$111,820.80).


InterCasino was voted “Casino of the Year 2001” by several gaming industry magazines, yet more accolades on top of a reputation that has established it as the oldest, largest and most respected casino on the Internet.


Jackpot Mania links progressive jackpots from Internet casinos around the globe and is the world-leading provider of high-paying online games. Their Web site runs real-time tallies displaying each growing jackpot as games are played simultaneously across these online casinos. It features six games, including Spice Island Poker, Triple Olives US$0.25/$1.00 slots, Rags to Riches US$1.00 slot and Super Jackpot US$0.25/$1.00 video poker.


Jackpot Mania also is home to the world record for largest progressive jackpot ever won at an online casino. On September 3, 2001, ‘BOBO’ claimed US$414,119.00 at The Sands of the Caribbean® Online Casino ( on Rags to Riches.


About Jackpot Mania


Jackpot Mania is a cross-casino portal that links high-paying progressive jackpots from some of the world’s most popular brand name Internet casinos, powered by CryptoLogic software. CryptoLogic Inc. is a leading software development company serving the fast-growing Internet gaming market. CryptoLogic’s common shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange as CRY and on Nasdaq as CRYP. WagerLogic, a wholly owned subsidiary of CryptoLogic, is responsible for the licensing of its gaming software and services to customers around the world.





wild casino ag


If you have never gambled online you are probably bewildered by how to get started. Online gambling is still a very young industry and as such the test of time has yet to root out many of the less reputable casinos. The good and the bad are still fiercely elbowing each other for market share. So choose where to play carefully. I have some tips below and also welcome you to read my online casino reviews. You are probably also wondering if the games are fixed. At one point I said emphatically not. On average the casinos keep about 75% of money deposited so they shouldn’t need to cheat. However I have heard complaint after complaint of extremely bad luck from playing at some non-licensed casinos that use no-name Java software. I do believe that the vast majority of online casinos play fair but am suspicious of a small minority. As you hop from one web site to another of the online casinos it may seem arbitrary about choosing one to play at. Let me help by saying that quality counts. Take a close look at their web site or the free games. If they seem like a professional organization chances are better that they are. Finally trust your gut. If you get a bad feeling about a place then resist playing there, even if you can’t explain to yourself the exact reason.

The Basics of Playing

There are two ways you can go in terms of actually gambling online, Java and downloadable software. Java offers almost immediate playing but downloadable software offers better sound and graphics. Personally I find downloadable software to be much more enjoyable and faster but I respect the opinion of those who prefer Java. About half of the casinos with downloadable software also offer a free CD version. Once you have the software installed (unless with a Java based casino) the next step is to open an account. This is sometimes done on the casino web site and sometimes through the software. Then you must put some into your account. The vast majority of the time this is done with a credit (or debit) card. Other options include Western Union and bank wire transfers but both of these necessitate substantial fees, which many online casinos will credit back to your account. Beware that some credit cards will treat deposits to an online casino as a cash advance. If this happens then you may have success in arguing the charge but many credit cards have a flat policy that a purchase of casino chips counts as a cash advance. I recommend using debit cards instead, there is never a cash advance fee and the transactions are posted faster.

Once you have money in your wild casino ag account you may then begin to play. Be sure to check the rules first, many online casinos favor European rules which can be different that U.S. rules. This can be good or bad depending on the particular rule. As you play I would suggest documenting everything you do. Personally I use graph paper to keep a running track of my bankroll and the total amount bet.


If you plan to return in the near future do not cash out, just leave your money in your account. When you do cash out the chips will be converted to cash and credited back to your credit card, up to the amount of the initial purchase. If you have a net win then the winnings will have to be sent another way, usually by check. Most places will send winnings for free but others will subtract a finance charge.


The Pros and Cons of Online Casino Gambling

There can be no debate that online gambling is a lot different than gambling in a physical casino. In some ways it is better and in some ways it is worse. Below are my pros and cons of online gambling, based on my personal experiences, compared to gambling in a “real” casino.

The Pros


Online gambling is a competitive business and many casinos will offer a lot to get and keep your business. Many will offer sign-up bonuses to new customers, adding 10 to 50% of their initial deposit to their bankroll (see below for more on this subject). Some will randomly deposit money in customer accounts and others will give away vacations for specified levels of total money bet.

The rules are usually better than in physical casinos.

You don’t have to travel long distances. The casino is in your own home.

You don’t have to suffer real casino annoyances, like smokers.

You don’t have to feel obligated to tip.

The Cons

You have to be patient about getting your money after you cash out. In addition to waiting periods on the casino end there are also delays on the credit card end. Two to four weeks is the norm for the time between cashing out and your credit appearing back on your credit card. Debit cards are much faster taking only about 3 to 5 business days.

Customer service can be spotty depending on where you play. Some places offer great service via e-mail and a toll-free number. Others take several days to reply to an e-mail, have no known telephone number, and generally seem like they just don’t want to be bothered aside from taking your money.

The player has no power or authority to turn to in the event of a dispute. Usually in the player agreement it says the casino can make up the rules as they go and in the event of a dispute the casino’s word is final.

If you play at a lot of places your credit/debit card statement will be a nightmare to balance. Transactions seldom indicate the name of the casino you played at but instead specify the merchant bank.

What is Expected of the Player

One of the biggest problems facing the online gambling business is abuse by players. At the annual industry meeting in Montreal there was just as much, if not more, discussion about this issue than the future legality of online gambling. This is a very legitimate concern because there are a lot of people seeking to defraud the industry.

Although online gambling is a very competitive business when it comes to player abuse the industry feels so strongly that the online casinos help to protect each other. Specifically negative databases, or blacklists, of players suspected of fraud or abuse are shared among the online casinos. According to Julie Sidwell of Gambling Grumbles the typical reasons for being blacklisted are:


Disputing charges

Threatening to dispute charges

Using someone else’s credit card

Manipulation of gaming software

Opening more than one account per household or computer

Of these disputing and threatening to dispute charges are the biggest problem the industry faces. The industry term for this is a charge back. This will get a player blacklisted very quickly. Multiple accounts per household or computer I believe is only frowned on if multiple bonuses are given to the same household or same e-mail address. In addition Julie Sidwell says that at least two negative databases track bonus abusers, or player who only play during bonus promotions.


Once the player is on the blacklist they will likely be unwelcome at every casino that the list is shared with. It is like a bad credit rating or a police record, it follows you wherever you go. Placement on a blacklist is not always justified and once on it there is no authority to appeal to for removal.


Doing business in the unregulated world of the Internet is risky for both player and casino. For this reason there seems to be an unwritten code of honor expected of players. Players do not have the liberty of parsing the rules in a legalistic manner and doing whatever they please that is not listed as prohibited behavior. In the absence of a higher authority to regulate the business, players are held accountable to an implied good faith contract. Remaining above reproach and avoiding any appearance of questionable behavior is important for longevity as a player.


Playing for Bonuses

To attract your business many casinos will add a bonus to your initial deposit, usually 10% but I have seen it go as high as 100%. When you accept a bonus you are usually required to meet a certain level of betting action to cash out the bonus. I have seen the total amount bet required range from the amount of the bonus (Casino on Net) to six times the sum of the deposit and the bonus (Sharky’s Casino). Read the rules carefully before you start playing. After opening an account wait at least 15 minutes for any welcome e-mail to come in. Sometimes this e-mail will indicate different rules than what the web site says about earning a bonus. Assume that you have to meet the more stringent of the conditions. Regardless of what the rules are you should more than exceed them. If pressed for specifics I would say play at least 50% more than required but 100% or more is better. Some online casinos claim and exercise the right to deny bonuses to customers they feel are only it is for the bonus, as opposed to the enjoyment of the casino. Finally I would be suspicious of casinos that you have never opened an account with who send unsolicited bonus offers.

Choosing Where to Play

There are a lot of online casinos to choose from, about 400 they say, and to the beginner it may seem confusing telling them apart. Some important things to consider are:

Is there a sign-up bonus? If so how much?

How are the rules? This can vary a lot in games like blackjack and video poker.

Are there transaction fees? If so how much?

Is there a phone number you can call? Is it toll free? If you call is the line busy?

Is the casino licensed?

Is there information available about who owns and operates the casino?

Who provides the software, is it a reliable name or some mystery no-name company.

Do not expect any casino to score an A+ in all these categories. Consider the total package and use your best judgement. You may also visit my page online casino reviews for some suggestions.